Yearbook Information

Information supplied by the Dickson County 4-H Club Yearbook

          DREAM IT,
         BELIEVE IT,
         ACHIEVE IT,
            IN 4-H!
        2013 - 2014

The Dickson County Office

Office Address:  204 Henslee Drive
       Dickson, TN  37055

Phone:  (615) 446-2788
Fax:  (615) 740-0235

Office Hours:  Monday - Friday 7:30AM TO 4:30 PM

The Dickson County Extension Web Site:

The Dickson Co., Extension Facebook: countyextension

Visit the State 4-H website:

The 4-H Pledge

I pledge.....
    My HEAD to clearer thinking,
    My  HEART to greater loyalty,
    My HANDS to larger service, and
    My HEALTH to better living.
    For my club, my community,
    my country, and my world.

                    Public Speaking Contest
     Get Your Point SPEAKING OUT!

Do you enjoy talking?  It's fun to share ideas and experiences with others by having conversations with them.  One of our greatest fears, however, is standing up in front of a group and giving a speech.

Overcome your fears and become a better, more confident speaker by participating in the 4-H public speaking contest.

Careers that use Verbal Communication Skills:
Teacher, Politician, Sales Person, Newspaper Reporter, TV Anchor, Attorney to name a few. 

What other careers require good verbal communication skills?

Topic - How long?
     5th grade   1 - 2 minutes
Topic is OPEN to the discretion of the speaker.  It does NOT have to relate to 4-H.

                 3rd Meeting - 4-H Promotional Poster
                 Camp Promotion
                 4th Meeting - Project Demonstration
                 5th Meeting -  4-H scrapbook & Dairy Poster